Open Monday to Friday and Saturday too

We provide great quality low-cost household furniture and electrical appliances to families struggling on low income

Our prices for most goods are about HALF that of other charity shops and we have a big collection of household furniture and goods

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  • Register with wage slips, working tax credit or proof of benefits

  • Fill out a form and get a customer card... then start shopping!

    Call us (01223) 576 535
Customer quotes
  • We offer low cost furniture and appliances for low income homes

  • Electrical appliances carry a three month warranty

Delivery charges:

£10 City

£15 South Cambridgeshire

£20 all other areas

My mother who is 86yrs old, finds this a really good shopping experience. Love the staff and the friendly, helpful service and the patience the staff have for her
The amazing staff and helpful attitudes has helped me so much! Made my life worth living again after a terrible time. Can't thank them enough!
When the children need furniture, I know I can come here without saving to buy new expensive stuff

Transforming Homes Changing Lives

Without places like Cambridge Re-Use I couldn't have furnished our house. My water tank burst and destroyed so much. I can't afford insurance so over time I've managed to re-furnish my house
Saves us having to get stressed and worried about needing money for things for the children. Things that usually cost an extreme amount of money new
Very well appreciated, it helps us buy things that we can't afford in the high street stores. Thank you to Cambridge Re-Use
Always go out with smile on our faces! Great items at reasonable prices, love coming here
I am absolutely delighted with the sofa, the two armchairs and the two small tables I have bought here. Everyone on the staff, both, permanent and temporary has been so kind, helpful and friendly. Being a pensioner on a low income, I am grateful for the quality of the furniture I've been able to buy here, which I could not have afforded at a normal second hand store or auction. The management takes so much trouble and care in arranging the goods in an attractive way. It is a wonderful resource!!